Caramel Ice Cream

Caramel Ice Cream

Homemade Caramel Ice Cream


6 cups milk, scalded 
4 eggs
1 1/2 cups sugar 
4 tablespoons flour
Pinch salt
Flavoring - 1 1/2 cups caramelized sugar
Additional Cream and Milk 


Beat egg yolks, beat in sugar to which flour has been added, then add slowly the scalded milk; cook until slightly thick.  Caramelize  1 1/2 cups sugar, add to cooked mixture.   When the mixture cools, add beaten egg whites, beaten stiff.  Put in freezer, add cream and milk to fill the can.  Freeze; let stand. 

Makes 1 Gallon. 

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Homemade Caramel Ice Cream 


There were two recipes for Caramel Ice Cream in the Cekada Collection.  Here is an image of the second recipe which has more instructions.  Between the two recipes, I have compiled the method. 

Caramel Ice Cream


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