Chili Sauce

Chili Sauce

Chili Sauce 1
Chili Sauce 2

1 gal Tomatoes
2 C. Chopped Onions
2 C. Chopped Green Peppers (Sweet)
1 Pod Hot Pepper
2 C.Sugar
3 T Salt
1 T Mustard Seed
1 T Celery Seed
3 T Mixed Spices {Pickling Spice}
2 1/2 C Vinegar

Scald, core, peel & chop red ripe tomatoes. Peel onions, remove seed from peppers chop & measure.  Mix all except spices and vinegar.  Boil 45 minutes.

Add Spices (tied in a bag).  Boil until very thick. Add vinegar and sugar and boil until thick as wanted.  

Taste & add more seasonings & sugar as wanted. 

(cook tomatoes - drain off some of juice, cuts cooking time.)


Chili Sauce as a staple on my grandmother's table. The Chili Sauce was used as an alternative to ketchup. I especially remember adding Chili Sauce to fresh peas from the garden.

The recipe calls for "Mixed Spices", today's equivalent is Pickling Spice.
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