Adkins - Birmingham

This collection consists of four metal recipe boxes; with a variety of written, clipped, typed, and commercial recipe cards.  From what I can tell, the boxes are mixed and in no real order. Several of the boxes have alphabetical or section divider cards included, but the original owner did not use them. 

It appears that two of the boxes contain mainly dessert or sweets, the third appears to be anything but desserts, the fourth box contains a variety of recipes and it appears that it may have originally belonged to someone other than the person who owned the other three. 

In addition to recipes, the original owners also stored other documents along with their recipes. Here are a few examples from the Adkins boxes:


Tullahoma Tasting Party
Tullahoma Woman's Club Tasting Party - April 29, 1977



Tullahoma Fine Arts Festival
Tullahoma Fine Arts Festival - May 17 & 18, 1980