Food for Better Living

Food for Better Living

Food for Better Living - Front Cover

Although Food for Better Living is more of a Home Economics textbook than a cookbook, I have included it with the other cookbooks.   Originally printed in 1949, and printed again in1954, pictured here is the 1960 - third edition of the textbook.  Written for high school students, the authors state "this edition of Food for Better Living, like the two preceding editions, stresses the close relationship between the adequate handling of the family food problem and successful family living." 

The book has three authors, Irene E. McDermont - Director of Home Economics Education Pittsburg Public Schools, Mabel B. Trilling - Formerly Professor of Home Economics Education Carnegie Institue of Technology, and Florence Williams Nicholas - Homemaker.  the textbook was published by J. B. Lippincott Company.  

Sections of the textbook are:

  • Chapter 1:  Preview of your food study
  • Chapter 2:  Science helps us to eat better
  • Chapter 3:  Know-how in the kitchen
  • Chapter 4:  Cereal grains for health and energy
    • Food values in cereals
    • Breakfast cereals are popular
    • Hot breads - quick and good
    • Main dishes and desserts from the oven
    • Yeast breads - bakery and homemade
  • Chapter 5: The vitamin C food family
    • Why is vitamin C important to you?
    • Tomatoes, raw cabbage, and greens in your meals
    • Citrus fruits for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Chapter 6: Milk - the almost perfect food
    • Food values in milk and milk products
    • Sanitation from the dairy barn to the dining room
    • Milk drinks - plain and fancy
    • Milk desserts - good to eat and good for you
    • Cheese is a milk food
  • Chapter 7:  The leafy, green and yellow family
    • Selecting good-quality leafy, green and yellow vegetables
    • Careful handling and storing are important
    • Preparing and serving the vitamin A vegetables
  • Chapter 8:  Butter and margarine
    • Butter and margarine
    • Goodies for the cookie jar
    • Cake with shortening, alias butter cakes
    • Pies are popular!
    • Foods fried in deep fat
  • Chapter 9:  Potatoes and other vegetables and fruits
    • Preparing hearty vegetables and fruits
    • Vegetable cream soups are good
  • Chapter 10:  The protein foods
    • Food values in the protein foods
    • Eggs are a good source of protein 
    • Tender ways with no-so-tender meats
    • Treat the tender cuts right
    • Fish for your protein dish
    • Chicken for dinner
    • Dried beans and peas make hearty dishes
  • Chapter 11:  Freezing and canning for better meals
    • The advantages of having a freezer
    • Freezing techniques are simple
    • Cooking for the freezer
    • Techniques of canning
  • Chapter 12:  Make your kitchen work for you
    • Planning the floor space
    • Cabinets and counters designed for convenience
    • Choose equipment for saving time and energy
  • Chapter 13:  Meals in your way of life
    • Getting meals the easy way
    • Keeping your food costs down
    • Meals to fit the family
    • Setting the table and serving the meal
    • Good meals deserve good manners
    • Attractive tables and pleasant surroundings
    • Family cook-outs are fun
  • Chapter 14:  Food makes the party
    • Teas, luncheons, and suppers - formal and informal
    • Family dinner parties - with or without company
    • Special kinds of parties
  • Herb chart
  • For further reading
  • Audio-visual aids
  • Recipe index
  • General index

Food for Better Living back cover:

Food for Better Living - Back Cover


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J. B. Lippincott, Company
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