Our Most Popular Recipes for Apple Season

Our Most Popular Recipes for Apple Season

With the cooler weather of Fall, comes Apple Season - so we have gathered our vintage recipes that feature apples. We hope that you will find one to two recipes to place in your apple barrel!

The Entire Bushel


Apple Cobblers, Crisps, and Apple Pan Dowdy

Apple Cobblers, Crips, and Apple Pan Dowdys are very similar in nature as they have a base of apples, normally mixed with a sweet, sugary syrup - that more than likely has cinnamon in it, and topped with a flour-based streusel topping.  Some of the toppings are more biscuit-like in texture, other batters have a wetter consistency, allowing for an even top. Here are some of our top cobbler and crisp recipes.


Bisquick Apple Crisp or Peach Crisp, a vintage advertisement recipe

One of our most popular recipes featuring apples is this recipe card from General Mills and Gold Medal Flour for Bisquick Apple or Peach Crisp. There is a date of 3-31-53 on the bottom of the card, so I assume that this recipe card was printed in 1953.

Apple Pan Dowdy, an old fashioned typed vintage recipe

This recipe, from the Eidson collection, for Apple Pan Dowdy belongs in the "Apple Crisp Family". This recipe is made by placing apples in the bottom of a baking dish, then topping the apples with a "sugar and spice" mixture that is heated until it thickens on the stove, then topped with a "biscuit-like topping".

Grannies Crumb Crust Apple Pie

From the Thompson collection is a recipe for Grannie's Crumb Crust Apple Pie; this is recipe for a simple apple crisp with a crumb topping.

Old Fashioned Apple Crisp - a vintage typed recipe card.

 An Apple Crisp Recipe included in the Wisconsin collection is this simple typed recipe card for a classic, simple  Apple Crisp.

Apple Slump - Old Recipe

This is a recipe from Mrs. R. for an "Upside Down Apple Crisp" - an excellent play on words - Apple Slump.  Prepare this recipe like an traditional Apple Crisp, or an Apple Pan Dowdy with a biscuit topping. Invert the baked Apple Crisp on a hot plate, dot with butter, sugar, and cinnamon and serve with the hard sauce included on the recipe card.

Mother's Apple Crisp - a vintage typed recipe

A vintage typed recipe from the Eidson collection for Mother's Apple Crisp

A vintage clipped newspaper recipe for Beth Bowen's Apple-Walnut Cobbler

A vintage clipped newspaper recipe from Beth Bowen for an Apple-Walnut Cobbler that is baked in a 8x8 pan. Make this Apple-Walnut Cobbler with sugar, cinnamon, walnuts, tart apples, flour, baking powder, salt, a beaten egg, evaporated milk, and butter. To serve, top this cobbler with whipped cream.


Apple Puddings

Similar to an apple cobbler or an apple crisp is Apple Pudding.  You basically have the same ingredients, only with the pudding the apples, and the syrupy mixture is mixed with the flour/dough mixture to make a single batter that is then baked to create a pudding.


Ozark Pudding

Our most popular recipe in the pudding category is a hand written recipe from the San Franscisco collection that is attribute to the "Presbyterian Ladies" for an "Ozark Pudding".

Apple Pudding

Also included in the San Francisco collection is a recipe "Apple Pudding", this recipe has fewer eggs and less flour than the Ozark Pudding recipe in the collection:

Mrs. Truman's Apple Dessert, a vintage clipped recipe

From the Eidson collection is this recipe for Mrs. Truman's Apple Dessert, which is much like the Apple Pudding recipe. 

A vintage typed recipe for Apple Indian Pudding

A vintage typed recipe from the Verdin Collection is for an Apple Indian Pudding.  This apple pudding is made with cornmeal rather than flour. Make this pudding by pouring scalded milk over the cornmeal, add other ingredients and mix well; place mixture in a buttered casserole dish and bake in a slow oven for about 3 hours.

Apple Torte

Also from Mrs. R, written in her nice, neat handwriting, is her recipe for an Apple Torte; Mrs. R calls this a "torte", but I have included this in the "Pudding Section" as the ingredients and methods are similar to the other pudding recipes. Mrs. R indicates that this recipe is "exquisite with vanilla ice cream":




Apple Pies and Apple Cakes


Of course, there is an assortment of recipes for Apple Pies and Apple Cakes. Some of the cake recipes are baked in a square or rectangular pan, others are baked in a tube pan or round cake pans. Here are a few of the most viewed Apple Pie and Apple Cake recipes.


Chopped Apple Cake

From the San Francisco collection is a recipe for a "Chopped Apple Cake"; make this apple cake with chopped or grated apples in a 9x13 pan.  Bake for 45 to 50 minutes and serve warm with whipped cream.

A vintage handwritten recipe for a French Apple Cake

A vintage handwritten recipe for a French Apple Cake from the Verdin Collection. Make this cake with eggs, Wesson oil, sugar, flour, chopped apples, nuts, vanilla, salt, and soda. Bake the cake batter in three 9-inch cake pans. Pour a boiled icing made with light brown sugar, evaporated milk, and butter or oleo over the cake layers.

Dutch Cinnamon Apple Cake

From Mrs. R. is a clipped newspaper recipe for an Dutch Cinnamon Apple Cake. This cake is made in a 9x9x2 cake pan by pressing sliced apples lightly into the batter, topping with sugar and cinnamon, and baking.

Apple Cake

This handwritten recipe from the San Francisco collection is for an Apple Cake that is baked in a 9x13-inch pan.  This recipe is from Mrs. O'Connell.

Cottage Cheese Apple Pie

A typed recipe card from the San Francisco collection for an apple pie recipe with a twist - a Cottage Cheese Apple Pie

A vintage typed recipe for Apple Sauce Cake

A vintage typed recipe from the Verdin Collection for an Apple Sauce Cake; make this old fashioned Apple Sauce Cake with butter, sugar, a beaten egg, thick apple sauce, hot water, dates or raisins, nuts, flour, salt, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, and soda. Bake for one hour in a moderate oven.





Apple Breads and Muffins

Here are a few recipes for Apple Breads and Muffins.


Apple Bread

This recipe from the Nix collection is a classic Apple Bread recipe; made with sugar, shortening, eggs, vanilla, flour, baking powder, baking soda, salt, apples, and chopped nuts then topped with sugar and cinnamon before baking. This recipe is from Helen M. Ciaciuch.

Apple Roll

A handwritten recipe card from the Thompson collection for an Apple Roll. This recipe is made by rolling apples and cinnamon in a biscuit-like dough and preparing it like a jelly-roll.

Apple Puffed Pancake

Ok, this is not technically a "Bread", but I did not know what section to place this in, so it lands in the Bread Section. A vintage recipe card for Apple Puffed Pancake or a German Apple Pancake, a classic apple pancake made in a quiche dish, baking pan, or skillet.  Apples are baked in the baking dish with butter, then the pancake batter is poured over the slightly baked apples and baked for 20 minutes longer.

A vintage handwritten recipe for Skillet Applesauce Brown Betty

So is a "Brown Betty" a bread, cobbler, or pudding?  Or should it demand a recipe category of its own?  I have placed this recipe in the Bread Section, because it is more of a Bread-Pudding to me.  This handwritten recipe from the Verdin collection is for a Skillet Applesauce Brown Betty. This Brown Betty recipe is made with cinnamon-raisin bread cubes and served with a topping made with butter, orange zest, and confectioners' sugar.




Other Apple Recipes

When you don't have a place to file it, file it in "Other".  These apple recipes do not fit in the other categories, so they find themselves here.


Apple Uglies, a vintage recipe for decorated apples

This recipe in the Cekada collection from KARO Syrup is for Apple Uglies - apples that have been dipped in a red KARO Syrup mixture and decorated with various candies and fruit. 

Caramel Apple Salad - a vintage handwritten recipe card.

A vintage handwritten recipe card for Caramel Apple Salad, make this recipe with butter, powderd sugar, eggs, cool whip, crushed pineapple, roasted nuts, and cubed Granny Smith Apples.

Apples Sauce Cup Cakes with Creamy Icing, a vintage clipped recipe from Crisco Shortening

A clipped recipe from Crisco for Apple Sauce Cup Cakes with Creamy Icing.  Make these Apple Sauce Cup Cakes with cake flour, sugar, applesauce, Crisco, salt, baking powder, egg, and grated orange rind. Frost these cupcake with a frosting made with confectioners' sugar, salt, egg, water, granulated sugar, Crisco and vanilla. 

A vintage typed recipe for Apple Dumplings and Baking Powder Biscuits

A vintage typed recipe from the Verdin Collection for Apple Dumplings made with Baking Powder Biscuits; make the biscuits with flour, salt, baking powder, shortening, and milk. In biscuit dough, place a pared, cored, and sliced apple with sugar, butter, and cinnamon; place in a pan and sprinkle with cinnamon and butter. 

Apple Sponge Pudding, Knox Gelatine Advertisement

A vintage clipped recipe from Knox Gelatine for Apple Sponge Pudding. Garnish this congealed apple pudding with cooked apple quarters or with orange marmalade and nut meats. Serve with whipped cream, whipped evaporated milk, or a custard sauce.

A vintage handwritten recipe card for Indiana Apple Salad

This vintage handwritten recipe for Indiana Apple Salad is made with sweet apples, raisins, celery, carrots, cabbage, sugar, salt pepper, and mayonnaise.

Cinnamon-Apple Salad

A handwritten recipe for Cinnamon-Apple Salad from the Birmingham collection is made by boiling peeled, cored apples in water with red cinnamon candies, place cooked apples on a bed of lettuce and fill apple core with a mixture of cream cheese, milk, lemon juice, dates, pineapple, and walnuts.