Ann’s Husband Pleasing Strawberry Jam

Ann's Husband Pleasing Strawberry Jam

You will need:

3 quarts stemmed, sliced strawberries
10 pounds sugar (use what’s left for other canning)
1 bottle Certo
1 package sealing wax
13-15 small jars
Big cast aluminum kettles
Medium pan
Big stirring spoon


1. Put 3 lightly packed cups of berries in a kettle.

2. {Add} 4 cups of sugar.

3. Stir over a low fire as sugar dissolves in berry juice. 

4. Let it come to a good hard rolling boil. This is most important. Don’t start timing too soon. When you’re sure it’s boiling good and hard, time for one minute. 

5.  Remove from fire.

6. Immediately pour in 1/2 of the bottle of Certo and stir. 

7. Now pour into the medium pan. There will be a  kind of scum on the goo caused by stirring. It looks like strawberry ice cream. Skim all this off with a spoon. 

8. In the meantime, your jars have been boiling. Remove, turn upside down to dry. 

9. Be sure your jam is pretty cool before you ladle into jars, or berries will all come to the top. 

10. Melt your wax and pour on top.

This had used about 1/2 of the 3 quarts of berries. Now start the other batch. 

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