Coffee Cookery

Pictured here is an original edition of Coffee Cookery by Helmut Ripperger, first published in 1940.  Coffee Cookery contains 76 recipes from around the world that were collected during Repperger’s nine years of worldwide travel.  In 1940, Ripperger claims “this is the only book in print dealing exclusively with coffee cookery”.  The volume contains recipes for desserts, sweets, sauces, and beverages that use coffee as a flavor. 

Coffee Cookery was reprinted in paperback in 2016, and available from Amazon.


Cookbooks by Helmut Ripperger, Available on Amazon

Here are several recipes that I found interesting among Ripperger’s collection:

Coffee Chiffon Pie

Soak one tablespoon of gelatin in three-quarters of a cup of strong, cold, coffee.  Beat four egg yolks, add half a cup of sugar, half a cup of strong, hot coffee, and a pinch of salt.  Cook slowly but do not allow to boil.  Add the dissolved gelatin and when cool, the four egg whites are beaten stiff.  Pour into a baked shell and chill.  Cover with whipped cream. 

This recipe can be found on page 31 of Coffee Cookery. 

Turkish Coffee

It is best to make Turkish coffee in a special pot, usually made of copper, tall and tapering towards the top without a cover.  The coffee used should be pulverized as fine as possible. Use eight heaping teaspoons of coffee and four teaspoons of powdered sugar.  Put this in the pot and add boiling water to within two inches from the top of the pot.  Put the pot over the flame and again bring it to a boil.  Remove and put it back again three times.  Then permit it to stand a few minutes before serving.  Cream should never be served with Turkish coffee.  

This recipe can be found on page 51 of Coffee Cookery. 

Hot Coffee Rum

Make six cups of very strong coffee.  Rub six lumps of sugar on the rind of an orange and place them together with six cloves, a stick of cinnamon, and some thinly peeled orange rind, into a chafing dish.  Cover with rum and bring to a boil, stirring until the sugar is all dissolved.  Do not let it catch fire!  Add the coffee and bring it again to a boil and server at once. 

Author: Helmut Ripperger
Publisher: George W. Stewart
Year Published: 1940
Pages: 94