Le Repertoire de La Cuisine

Le Repertoire de la Cuisine was written by Monsieur L. Saulnier, and first published in 1914.  It quickly became a standard for early 20th century chefs.  This version is the third English edition (1957) of the original French Edition entitled the “British De Luxe Edition”, published by Florian Press, Ltd.  The edition is translated from the original French Edition by E. Brunet, Chef to the Duke and Duchess of Roxburghe.  Sections of the book include: A.  Fundamental elements of cookery B.  Garnishments and Sauces C.  Hors D’oeuvre D.  Potages – Soups E.  Eggs F.  Poissons – Fish G.  Entrees – Poultry and Game H.  Entrees – Butcher’s Meat I.   Salads J.  Vegetables and Farinaceous Products K.  Entrements – Sweets L.  Savouries Additionally, there are three sections at the end of the cookbook that cover: 1. The Art of Carving at Table 2. Cocktails and their Contents 3. Food Seasons 4. Additional French-English Culinary Terms.