BH&G Meals in Minutes

The Meals in Minutes cookbook is part of the “Creative Cooking Library” series published by Better Homes and Gardens.  Pictured here is the seventh printing of the 1963 edition.  

The cookbook’s goal is to provide the reader with “delicious, wonderful recipes” and menus that can go from kitchen to table in 45-minutes or less.   Just think, if they wrote the book today, BH&G could promote “meals in thirty minutes”, thanks to our good friend the microwave and his cousin the Instant Pot. 

Sections include:

Short-Cut Cooking

  • Main dishes like magic
  • Skip-a-step salads
  • Vegetable quicks
  • Hurry-up hot breads
  • Dandy do-little desserts

Big meals with small appliances

  • Hot off the griddle
  • Easy fry-pan favorites
  • Buzz it in the blender
  • Bonus recipes, big tips

Bests from the broiler

  • Bigtime broiler meals
  • Broiler recipe roundup

Freeze ahead fro free-time meals

  • It’s easy to freeze it
  • Ready-to-heat meats
  • Freezer-easy vegetables
  • Dessert at the flip of your freezer door