Mother Anderson’s Favorite Recipes

This edition is the 1948 reprint of the book originally titled “500 Recipes By Request”. The book is by Jeanne M. Hall and Belle Anderson Ebner.
The book is divided into thirteen sections. 1. Breads 2. Soups, Unusual and Hearty 3. Meats and Fowl 4. Main-Dish Accompaniments 5. Vegetables, Special Ways 6. Salads and Salad Dressings in Variety 7. Desserts 8. Pies and Pastries 9. Cookies, Rolled and Dropped, Plain and Filled 10. Cakes, Loaf and Layer, Large and Small 11. Dessert Accompaniments 12. Preserves 13. Beverages for Everyday and Parties The section on Dessert Accompaniments, include desset sauces, frostings, candies, nuts, and fruit confections.