Olla Podrida

Olla Podrida, roughly translated as “clay pot full of good things”.  Olla Podrida is also a term used to describe a Spanish stew, made in a clay pot.  Of course, there are several versions of the Olla Podrida included in the cookbook with the same name.  Versions include Catalan, Cold, Espanol (Cuban), Mexican, Old Spanish, Pescado, Puchero (multiple recipes), and multiple versions of the Spanish version of Olla Podrida.  “Olla Podrida – Piquant Spanish dishes from the old clay pot” was written by Elinor Burt and published by Caxton Printers; Caldwell, Idaho in 1938.  The cookbook is comprised of 277 pages of Spanish, Mexican, Latin-American, and Creole recipes.  The cookbook is divided into the following sections: I.  Guest Menus II.  Spanish Quick Meals III.  Suitable Garnishes IV.  Helps and Hints V.   Beverages (Bebida) VI.  Spanish Foods – Spain VII.  Mexican Foods – (Mexicano) VIII.  Latin-American Foods IX.   Creole (Criolla) X.   Miscellaneous

Olla Podrida Recipe

Here is the recipe for “Olla Podrida No. 1” — Old Spanish Way, which is published on page 47: 2 cups garbanzos (chick-peas) 3 or 4 slices bacon 2 quarts water 1 chicken, disjointed 1/4 pound Spanish dry sausage 1 clove garlic, minced Red pepper Salt 1. Cover garbanzos with water and soak several hours or overnight. Drain. 2. Cover bacon with water and simmer gently for two hours.  3. Add garbanzos to bacon and simmer two hours longer 4. Add chicken, sausage cut in pieces, garlic, red pepper, and salt.  Simmer until all water is absorbed.  Note:  Fresh port, turkey, duck, or rabbit, or a mixture of several, may be used in place of the chicken.  “Olla Podrida No. 2”, is basically the same recipe only substituting beef for the chicken, and adding parsley, thyme, bay leaf, carrots, and celery.