The Gourmet Cookbook

In recognition of the 10th Anniversary of GOURMET Magazine’s first publication, they published The Gourmet Cookbook.  The editors of GOURMET choose the “cream of these GOURMET recipes” to fill the pages of the cookbook.  

The cookbook is a large volume, containing some 732 pages of recipes.  There are a few color pictures scattered throughout the cookbook, which are all rather interesting to view — being photographed in 1950.  The cookbook pictured here is from the original printing in 1950, know today as “Volume I”.  Volume II was later published for the first time in 1956. 

Sections of the cookbook include:

  • Hors-d’Oeuvre
  • An Honest Loaf
  • Mighty Grains
  • Song of the Soup Kettle
  • The Egg and the Epicure
  • Au Fromage
  • Salad Ways
  • Greengroceries
  • Fish Unlimited
  • Poultry in the Pot
  • Man’s Meat
  • Game for Gourmets
  • Pack, Seal, and Store
  • Dozens of Sauces
  • Le Souffle’
  • Pancakes and Fritters
  • Sweet Talk
  • La Patisserie
  • Cult of the Chafing Dish
  • A Cup of Tea
  • Sauce Sampler