With the cooler weather of Fall, comes Apple Season – so we have gathered our vintage recipes that feature apples. We hope that you will find one to two recipes to place in your apple barrel!

The Entire Bushel


Apple Cobblers, Crisps, and Apple Pan Dowdy

Apple Cobblers, Crips, and Apple Pan Dowdys are very similar in nature as they have a base of apples, normally mixed with a sweet, sugary syrup – that more than likely has cinnamon in it, and topped with a flour-based streusel topping.  Some of the toppings are more biscuit-like in texture, other batters have a wetter consistency, allowing for an even top. Here are some of our top cobbler and crisp recipes.

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Apple Puddings

Similar to an apple cobbler or an apple crisp is Apple Pudding.  You basically have the same ingredients, only with the pudding the apples, and the syrupy mixture is mixed with the flour/dough mixture to make a single batter that is then baked to create a pudding.

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Apple Pies and Apple Cakes


Of course, there is an assortment of recipes for Apple Pies and Apple Cakes. Some of the cake recipes are baked in a square or rectangular pan, others are baked in a tube pan or round cake pans. Here are a few of the most viewed Apple Pie and Apple Cake recipes.


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Apple Breads and Muffins

Here are a few recipes for Apple Breads and Muffins.

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Other Apple Recipes

When you don’t have a place to file it, file it in “Other”.  These apple recipes do not fit in the other categories, so they find themselves here.

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