Noodle Suey

Noodle Suey

A type vintage recipe for Noodle Suey; make this dish with round steak, veal steak, pork steak, diced celery, onions, butter, and suey sauce. Pour over noodles cooked in saltwater and stew.
A typed vintage recipe for Noodle Suey


1 pound round steak
1/2 pound  veal steak
1/2 pound pork steak
2 cups celery, diced
4 large onions, cut fine
1/2 cup suey sauce



Cut meat into cubes and fry in butter until brown. Put in a kettle together with the grease from the frying pan, then simmer. Then take 2 cups of diced celery, 4 large onions, cut fine, and brown in butter. Take 1/2 cup suey sauce and cook with celery and onions until done. Pour over noodles cooked in saltwater and stew. 

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