Broiled Veal Kidney Flambe


6 veal kidneys
3 tablespoons butter, melted
6 slices Canadian bacon
1/2 cup warm brandy
Salt and pepper


1.  Purchase kidneys encased in fat.  Split them in half, leaving the halves attached.  Remove excess fat, leaving a coating about one-quarter inch thick.  Remove large tubes and wash kidneys.  If a large mild flavor is desired, soak kidneys in water to cover about thirty minutes.  Drain and dry. 

2. Place kidneys on broiler rack about three inches from high heat, with the fat side up.  Broil about ten minutes.  Turn, brush cut surfaces with butter and broil until browned, about ten more minutes.  After turning kidneys, place bacon on broiling rack and broil bacon until lightly browned on one side. 

3.  Place bacon broiled-side down in heatproof serving dish.  Top each piece with a kidney.  Add warm brandy and ignite. When the flame has subsided, salt lightly and add pepper to taste. 

Yield: Six servings. 

Veal Kidneys Flambe


3 pairs veal kidneys
Melted butter
Salt and pepper
1/4 cup brandy


1.  Do not have the butcher remove fat from kidneys.  At home, trim some of the fat off one side of each kidney.  Split kidneys in half and, with scissors, remove white tubes or veins. 

2.  In a skillet, saute kidneys, fat side down, till lightly browned, about three minutes.  Brush with butter and turn, to lightly brown on the second side.  Season to taste with salt and pepper. 

3.  Transfer kidneys to warm chafing dish.  Heat brandy and pour over kidneys.  Ignite.  Serve when the flame has died. 

Yield:  Six servings. 

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