6 cups zucchini, ground
3 cups onion, ground
3 cups celery, cut up
1 cup green pepper, ground
1 red sweet pepper or 12-ounce jar pimento
1/2 cup salt
4 cups cold water


Wash and remove blemishes, seeds, and core.  

Coarse or medium grind zucchini, onion, and peppers.  (If you use pimento, cut and add during cooking.)  Chop celery fine.  Dissolve salt in the water.  Add vegetables.  Let stand 4 hours.  Drain well. (I put in a bag and rinse vegetables a little.)


7 cups sugar
4 cups white vinegar
1 tablespoon whole celery seed
1 tablespoon whole mustard seed

Boil sugar, vinegar, and spices in a large kettle.  Add vegetables.  Bring to a boil and simmer for 10 minutes. 

Pack in hot jars and seal at once.  

Make 4 or 5 pints. 

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