A Bride’s Cookbook – a kitchen primer for the would be gourmet

A Bride’s Cookbook – a kitchen primer was written by Peggy Harvey and published by Little, Brown, and Company in 1962.  This first edition  This cookbook was originally written for the author’s daughter, Judy; and given to her on her wedding day.  In addition to recipes, Harvey included tips on the basic kitchen equipment and pantry staples a young cook should have.  At the beginning of each section, she adds tips and helpful hints to make shopping for and preparing the dishes in the section easier. The sections in the cookbook are: 1. Equipment, Staples, and Herbs 2. Brunches, Lunches, and Suppers 3. Appetizers and Soups 4. Meat 5. Poultry 6. Fish 7. When the Exchequer is Low 8. Leftovers 9. Vegetables 10. Salads 11. Desserts 12. Entertaining