Cook It in a Casserole

With more casserole recipes than any other cookbook

The New Cook It in a Casserole was written by Florence Brobeck and published by M. Barrows and Company in 1955.  With 225 “smart serving, quick clean-up, and delicious dining” recipes, the book claims to contain more casserole recipes than any other cookbook.  In addition to the recipe, the Brobeck has included a suggested menu with each recipe.  Here is the example of Brobeck’s suggested menu for Coq Au Vin: Cocktails Pate de Foie Gras Thin Buttered Toast Coq Au Vin Potato Balls, Paprika Butter French Rolls Macedoine of Fruit Large Soft Macaroons Coffee The cookbook is divided into the following sections:
  • Casseroles – Better than Ever
  • Brunch is in the Oven
  • Luncheon in a Covered Dish
  • Dinners, Easy and Delicious
  • A Casserole Supper can be an Occasion
  • Casseroles are easy on the Budget
  • The Baking Dish on the Barbecue Terrace
  • Dessert Comes Hot from the Oven