The Shaker Cook Book

Not By Bread Alone

The unique recipes that have made Shaker cooking, baking, and canning famous throughout the world. 

The author, Caroline B. Piercy, started writing the book as a project for Shaker Historical Society of Cleveland.  Originally started as just a booklet covering Shaker cookery and methods, the recipes multiplied into enough material for a complete cookbook.  The start of the book began with a manuscript of Shaker recipes gifted to Mrs. Piercy by her mother.  To complete the cookbook, the author reached out to the Shaker community, libraries and historical societies for additional manuscripts and recipes.  In addition to Shaker recipes, the author has also included anecdotes about shaker life and customs, especially those customs with a relationship to food. 

The cookbook has is broken into a large number of sections:

  1. A Foretast
  2. General Information
  3. Beverages
  4. Breads
  5. Cakes and Cookies
  6. Corn Dishes
  7. Desserts
  8. Egg Dishes
  9. Fish
  10. Herbs
  11. Meats
  12. Meatless Dishes
  13. Pies & Pastries
  14. Pickles
  15. Preserves, Jams, Jellies
  16. Salads
  17. Soups
  18. Sweetmeats
  19. Vegetables
  20. Special Diet for Aged
  21. Gather up the Fragments
  22. Index

In the Salad section, the author includes Salad hints from the Shaker Manifesto:

Salads should always be served as soon as possible after preparing them.  Salads should be tossed or blended very lightly with a couple of wooden forks; never pack or mash them.” 

“To fringe celery, cut in four-inch lengths; stick several sewing needles into a cork and comb celery with it.  Throw in very cold water to curl.  This makes a pretty dish.”

“Rings made from the whites of hard-cooked eggs are a nice garnish for salad.”

“Pick over and carefully wash your cress and remove all slugs and sand.  Arrange in a deep dish and serve with spiced vinegar.”

Author: Caroline B. Piercy
Publisher: Crown Publishers, Inc – New York
Year Published: 1977
Pages: 283