Cranberry Angel Pie

Cranberry Angel Pie

A vintage recipe for a Cranberry Angel Pie; make this Cranberry Pie with orange-flavored gelatin, boiling water, jellied whole cranberry sauce, chopped walnuts, a crumb crust or pastry shell, and topped with whipped heavy cream. This recipe was part of a 1964 "Help Yourself Booklet" distributed by General Motors in part with the Tested Recipe Institute/Ticonderoga Publishers, a division of Christmas Club.
A vintage recipe for a Cranberry Angel Pie


1 package (3-ounces) orange-flavored gelatin
1 cup boiling water
1 can (1 pound) jellied whole cranberry sauce
3/4 cup chopped walnuts
1 baked, 9-inch crumb crust or pastry shell
1/2 cup heavy cream


Empty gelatin into a bowl; add water and stir to dissolve gelatin thoroughly. Add cranberry sauce to gelatin; stir to mix thoroughly. Chill mixture, stirring occasionally until slightly thickened. then, keeping the mixture in a bowl over ice cures, beat with a rotary beater until light and fluffy or until beater leaves tracks in the mixture. Fold in nuts; turn into the crumb crust. Chill until firm or 3 or 4 hours. Whip cream and spread over pie. 


This recipe was included in a 1964 publication titled "Holiday Desserts" as a "Help Yourself Booklet" that was distributed by General Motors and produced by the Tested Recipe Institue/Ticonderoga Publishers, a division of Christmas Club.

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