6 white, firm potatoes
Peas, cooked
3-4 smallish onions or 2 or more Spanish onions
Sharp French Dressing
6 (more or less) hard-cooked eggs
Old-Fashioned boiled dressing


Lettuce cups, ice cold
Sliced cucumber
Quartered eggs
Quartered tomatoes
Tiny pearl onions
Split sardines


For a large party, boil 6 white, firm potatoes – but not to mush, just done.  When cold, peel and set aside.  Have plenty of peas, cooked, well-drained and set to be cold.  Peel 3-4 smallish onions, or 2 or more Spanish ones.  Slice them very thin and do the same with the potatoes.  Don’t hack them in chunks.  Marinate them all in a sharp French dressing.  Drain thoroughly and keep very cold.  Have about 6 (or 4, or 8) hard-cooked eggs.  Keep out a couple until later and slice the rest (eggs are a flexible ingredient in potato salad). 

Now put potato, onion & egg slices together in layers with the peas and an old-fashioned boiled dressing  Handle it carefully, so it won’t be mushy.  Fill ice-cold lettuce cups with the mixture; set out o a large platter.  Top with sliced cucumber, quartered eggs, quartered tomatoes, tiny pearl onions, and split sardines.  Have all cold.

Serve with cold ham and or sliced cold chicken, hot rolls, and coffee. 


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