Merrie Popcorn Surprises 

“Look at all these festive holiday surprises you can create for your family with Karo’s delicious, easy-to-make popcorn mixture.”


Karo Popcorn Mixture


5 quarts popcorn
3/4 cup Karo Red Label Syrup
1/4 cup margarine
2 tablespoons water
1 pound confectioner’s sugar
1 cup marshmallows, cut-up


In a 3 quart saucepan, mix Karo Red Lable Syrup, margarine, water, confectioner’s sugar, and cut-up marshmallows; stir over low heat until mixture just boils. Pour over popcorn in a large pan, toss to coat. 


Treasure Balls

Turn a 1-quart bowl upside down, wrap double thickness of foil around the outside. Dampen hands, press enough Karo popcorn mixture over foil on the bowl to cover. Lift popcorn-covered foil off the bowl. Repeat to make the second half. Let both ball halves harden. Remove foil from each half, fill with toys, favors, small popcorn balls made from the remaining mixture rolled in colored sugar. Use a decorative ribbon to tie halves together. Trim with sequins, fake jewels. 



Press together 3 popcorn balls – small, medium, and large – gumdrop makes the hat, candies make eyes and nose. 



Press the Karo popcorn mixture into an empty cream carton. Unmold, candy cane makes the wick. 


Christmas Tree

Press the Karo popcorn mixture into a lightly oiled funnel. Unmold. Dust with green sugar. Use a large gumdrop to make the base. 


“Karo Syrup gives delicious new flavor and appetizing new texture to food. It makes everyday dishes much more interesting.  ~ The new way to cook is with Karo!



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